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Ambagad FortHeight : 1500
Type : Hill forts Fort Range : Ambagad
District : Bhandara Grade : Medium
      This scenic but unknown fort is located in the Tumsar taluka of Bhandara district, 100 kms from Nagpur. The fort is well maintained to this present day and proper stairs are built for easy access.
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History :
      Rajkhan Pathan who was the commander of the Gaund king Bakht Buland, built this fort in 1700 A.D. further when this fort was under the control of the Bhosales of Nagpur it was used as a prison.
Fascinating Spots :

      The stairs lead us to the fort entrance in about 30 minutes time. The north facing entrance stands hidden between two big bastions. There are porches built in the entrance and one can see a leaf of Pipal tree and a Lotus carved on it. Once we enter the doorway there are stairs from the porch leading up to the bastion which enables to keep a watch on nearby area and inside the fort complex. Heading back after descending from the bastion there is a small temple aside a pathway. This temple has a stone covered with vermilion. It seems this temple was built in recent times. There is also a broken piece of a limestone mixer lying here. From this point proceed to the right towards the fortification wall. Moving on the platform of the wall we come across 2 semi-circle shaped bastions. As the way ahead is blocked, head back from where you started near the porch. On the pathway which leads inside the fort, there is a well to the left and to right there is a built in pond which has a damaged structure. Moving ahead on the wall platform there are three more bastions and further a fourth bastion after climbing few steps. To the right of this fourth bastion there is a crescent shaped built pond with steps in it. Besides this pond there is an entrance to the structure. This structure might have been a two storeyed building. After we climb the second floor there is an arched structure to the left with no windows. This must be a place to store arms and ammunitions. To its right there is a well with steps in it. To the upper side of the steps there is a umbrella shaped dome built. Besides this is the fortified wall which comes through the fort entrance.

Going back to the main pathway and heading towards the citadel of the fort there are two semi-circle shaped bastions to the left. The four bastions inside the citadel are square shaped. Inside the bastion which is to the edge of the fort there is a room. We can exit the bastion and fort from this room. Going back to the fort premise and crossing the empty ground in the middle, one has to cross the wall where there are remains of a structure. Further there is another wall structure with carvings on it. Where this wall ends there is a square shaped bastion with a secret door in it. The stairs in this bastion take us out of the fort where there is a path to descend the fort.
Ways To Reach :
      1. Nagpur - Jamb gaon - Rampur is 92 kms distance and the Lord Hanuman temple at the fort can be reached by any vehicle.

Another route to reach Ambagad is, from the junction in Jambgaon village half a kilometer on the road going to the left we come across a canal. From this canal an unpaved path to the right goes to Ambagad. This route is to be avoided in the rainy season.

2. 94 km route of Nagpur Usarra Rampur Ambagad.
Accommodation Facility :
Available in the Hanuman temple at the base.
Food Facility :
Drinking Water Facility :
Time To Reach :
      30 minutes from the base temple
Best Season To Visit :
      All round the year
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