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Bahadurwadi gad FortHeight : 0
Type : Land Forts Fort Range : Nil
District : Sangli Grade : Easy
      Even though the land fort of Bahadurwadi is in Sangli district, its nearer from Kolhapur at 35 kms and about 20 kms from Vilasgad and Macchindragad. With one’s own vehicle all these three forts can be visited in a single day.
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Bahadurwadi gad
History :
      Kolhapur and Satara were the two strongholds of the Marathas. Madhavrao Peshwa built this fort on the borders of the empire and handed over the control of the fort to Patwardhan family of Sangli who later transferred it to Mudholkar Ghorpade.
Fascinating Spots :

      A trench has been built surrounding the fort and is now covered with vegetation. A part of the trench opposite the entrance has been filled to make a road in-way. The two bastions alongside the entrance have been refurbished. There are porches built for gate keepers inside the fort entrance and also steps to access the top of the entrance door. The fort has two fortification walls. The outer wall has 18 bastions while the inner one has 8 bastions. The 12 ft base of fortified walls and bastions are built of black rock and the upper remaining part is made of bricks.

There are narrow windows and openings in the bastion and fortified wall. The wall opposite the entrance has rooms with four doors. Earlier they were used to keep horses it is being said. As we enter the citadel from the inner fortified wall there is a dense vegetation cover and many structural remains have been hidden in here. Moving straight from the entrance there is another door beyond which there is step well. Besides this well there is a small water tank and a tower pot meant to plant Holy Basil. Further to the well in the outer fortified wall there is a secret doorway. The part of step well has been protected by building wall around it.
Ways To Reach :
      Bahadurwadi fort is 355 kms from Mumbai. The diversion for Bahadurwadi is on the Mumbai – Kolhapur highway after Peth Naka – Kameri village – Tandulwadi. The fort is 2 kms from this diversion.
Accommodation Facility :
Food Facility :
Drinking Water Facility :
Best Season To Visit :
      All round the year
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