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Bhairavgad(Moroshi) FortHeight : 4000
Type : Hill forts Fort Range : Malshej
District : Thane Grade : Very difficult
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Fascinating Spots :

      There are no remains on the fort summit. While going towards the citadel (dyke) from the summit we come to the base of the citadel. There is a water tank here on the upper side of the path. To the right of the water tank there is a crescent shaped cave which can be accessed only by technical means of climbing. The route takes us further to the eastern edge of the citadel. Here at a height of nearly 50 feet we can spot another crescent shaped cave which too has to be accessed using technical climbing technique.

After circumventing the citadel from its east side we come in the cleft between Bhairavgad and the adjoining hill. Rock cut steps on the citadel can be seen from here. After climbing about 50 steps we come to a rock cut cave which has to be entered by crawling. This cave is 4X2X8 in size and is closed by four sides. Only the upper part at 5 feet height has been cut in a crescent shape. On one of its wall there are holes made to fix wooden rods for building a shelter. The steps after the caves have been devastated and the 150 ft rock patch has to be climbed using ropes to reach another set of rock cut steps which has steep valley on one side and rock patch to the other. There is a dried up water tank to the left here. Proceed upwards by the left route and here is another dried up water tank. A path from here passes through shrubs and thorny cactus to the top most point of the fort which is spread East-West direction. Naneghat to Harishchandragad region can be seen from the top.
Ways To Reach :
      Reach Moroshi village on the Mumbai-Kalyan-Murbad-Malshej ghat route. Moroshi is next to Vaishakhare village which is the drop point for Naneghat. There are two routes from Moroshi for the fort.

1) While going towards Malshej ghat from Moroshi village there is a police check post and a restaurant named Jay Malhar. To the opposite of this restaurant a path goes in the jungle. In 10 minutes on this route we reach a dried up stream. From here take the left path and start ascending the hill. After crossing two hills we reach a flat plateau area where another route intersects. After crossing one more level we reach the fort summit. From the base to the summit it takes about 2 hours to reach and further to reach the citadel/dyke it takes another 20 minutes. To circumvent the east edge of the dyke and reach the cleft takes about 20 minutes. To climb the citadel with the help of ropes it takes about 1 hour.

2) While going towards Malshej ghat from Moroshi village we come across a sign board ahead of the police check post installed by the forest department which says “Fort Bhairavgad caves route”. The route going alongside this sign goes through the fields on the hill slopes and to the fort. This path connects to the first path stated above.
Accommodation Facility :
      Overnight stay could be possible in Moroshi village or the restaurants on the highway.
Food Facility :
      Food can be ordered at the local houses in Moroshi village and local restaurants.
Drinking Water Facility :
      The water tank at the base of the citadel has water throughout the year.
Notes :
      Moroshi base village to fort summit – 2 hours
Fort summit to Dyke/Citadel base – 20 mins

1) Technical climbing expertise is needed.
2) Carry a 300 ft rope
3) Expert climber can do a free climb also

Avoid visiting the fort from June to October.
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