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Jaigad FortHeight : 172
Type : Coastal Forts Fort Range : Nil
District : Ratnagiri Grade : Easy
      At the confluence of the Jaigad creek with the Arabian sea two forts were built to protect the creek trade route viz, Vijaygad fort to the north side which is now standing in the form of only a bastion and Jaigad fort to the south side which is still well intact. From Ratnagiri and Guhagar this fort can be visited in one day.
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Fascinating Spots :

      Jaigad is based on a small raised ground like a plateau and the smaller version of the fort is located just before its entrance which is spread till the creek. To separate the main fort from the plateau a trench has been dug which was kept dry and due to which the enemy would face difficulty in directly attacking the fortification wall. The main entrance of the fort is hidden by the bastions to avoid any direct attack. The British officers established their offices in this fort bastions thereby using the narrow windows as office windows which were otherwise used to attack in the ancient times. This has lost the bastionís glory and beauty. There are carvings of two lotus flowers on both sides of the entrance door. There is also another sculpture carved in the center but as it is half ruined it is now beyond identification. Two porches are built after the fort entrance and a large room has been built in the fortification wall which resembles an ammunition storage warehouse. There are also stairs on the fortified wall. There used to be a three storied building in front of the entrance but now only two stories remain. Behind this building there are two large water tanks built to collect rain water. Besides the tanks there is a temple of Lord Ganesh. In front of the temple there is mansion which is now in ruins. Its arches on the right side are totally devastated today. The one to the left is still intact. There are two wells behind these structures with water in it throughout the year.
Ways To Reach :
      Jaigad is 53 kms from Ratnagiri-Ganpatipule. S.T. buses are also available from Ratnagiri/Ganpatipule.
With oneís own vehicle after visiting Jaigad, we can cross over the creek for Vijaygad fort with the car transported on boat. After Vijaygad fort proceed to Anjanvel for Gopalgad fort. Accommodation for overnight could be available in Chiplun, Guhagar, Velneshwar.
Accommodation Facility :
      Available in Pawas, Ratnagiri and Ganpatipule
Food Facility :
      Available in Jaigad village
Drinking Water Facility :
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