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Kondhavi FortHeight : 900
Type : Hill forts Fort Range : Raigad
District : Raigad Grade : Medium
      Kondhavi fort was primarily built to protect the Kashedi Ghat which starts after the end of Poladpur towards Khed-Chiplun and now is a part of NH 17 .
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Fascinating Spots :

      Kondhavi fort is located in Kondhavi village(Talyachi wadi) near Poladpur. The path to the fort is on the right after entering the village which takes us to a Lord Bhairav temple in 10 minutes. In the temple there are 4 idols carved out of rock and a Shivling.

Moving ahead by keeping the temple to the left one comes to a diversion in the path of which the left route takes us on the fort top after a 15 minute ascend. There is another ancient Lord Bhairav temple on the top. This deity is being worshiped by the people of 8 villages viz; Kondhavi/Talyachiwadi, Fanaskond, Gaanjan, Khadapi, Dhamandevi, Kaatli, Khadakavne and Goldara and thus is well known as “Aathgaon Bhairavnath” which simply means God of eight villages.

There is a structure built out of bricks having idols of Saint Navnath just next to Bhairav temple. Behind this there is a sculptured stone which is 3 X 1.5 ft in size. One can find an idol of Lord Hanuman after taking few steps going back on the main path. Moving forward from here one comes across remnants of two structures which are supposed to be mansions.
Ways To Reach :
      One has to reach Poladpur on the Mumbai-Goa highway. 7 kms from Poladpur there is junction for Kondhavi/Aadeshpur and Kondhavi village is 3 kms from here. Six seater auto rickshaws are available from Poladpur to reach Kondhavi village. As the village is on the midst of the mountain it takes hardly 30 minutes to reach the fort top.
Accommodation Facility :
      The temple atop can accommodate upto 10 people.
Food Facility :
      Available in Poladpur or base village.
Drinking Water Facility :
Time To Reach :
      30 minutes.
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