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Pargad FortHeight : 2420
Type : Hill forts Fort Range : Kolhapur
District : Kolhapur Grade : Medium
      Pargad is a beautiful fort located on the border of Maharashtra and Goa states. The fort is spread across 48 sq km area. The fort has fortified cut walls to its east, west and north sides. There is a steep valley at the southern side descend. In the year 1676, while returning from the attack on the Portuguese of Goa, Shivaji Maharaj identified this hill and its strategic location and built Pargad fort on it to keep a tough watch on Adilshah, Portuguese and Khems of Sawantwadi. Shivaji Maharaj himself was present during the inauguration of the fort and at that time Shivaji Maharaj ordered the fort keeper Rayba Malusare and his 500 men to keep a vigil on the fort till the end of time.
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History :
      The son of Tanaji Malusare, Rayba Malusare was named as the fort keeper here. In 1681, there had been an unsuccessful attempt to capture the fort by Shahazada Muazzam and Khawas Khan. In this battle, the head of the arms warehouse Vithoji Malve got martyred. His shrine is built on the fort. Later, the fort fell into the hands of the Chhatrapati of Kolhapur. As there were no means of income on the fort, the British rulers paid a salary to the head of family of the soldiers on the fort which continued till the year 1949.
Fascinating Spots :

      In 2002, the residents of the fort requested the Government to build a tar road for the fort which has been completed. Proceed on this road by keeping the North wall to our left to reach the original rock cut steps. Going straight, the road takes us to the fort via Sarja doorway entrance while the right path leads to Goa. 360 rock steps takes us to a flat ground where there are remnants of canons and a proudly flying Saffron flag of the Marathas.

After entering the fort one can see 3 canons and a temple of Lord Hanuman to the left. There is a shrine built in stone in front of the temple. Moving ahead we come across the residential area of the fort inhabitants. There is a school and an open area where there is a statue of Shivaji Maharaj. Just ahead there is a carefully and lovingly built temple of Goddess Bhavani. Inside the hall of this temple there is the main old temple built in stone which was built in Shivaji Maharajís era. The idol in this temple is made of rocks from the Gandki river of Nepal and it resembles the temple built on Pratapgad fort. Behind this there is an ancient temple of Lord Ganesh. After we start the fort tour, we come across the lakes of Gunjal, Mahadev and Ganesh. There are 17 ancient wells on the fort of which only 4 are in use now and rest have dried up. On the West-North spread wall there are three bastions named Bhalekar, Fadnis and Mahadev. There are also other bastions on the fort named Malwe, Bhande and Jhende. To the north of the fort on the edge of the valley there is a temple of Lord Shiva. Across the playground there is an old shrine of Lady Tulsibai Malwe built in 1680. In the Mirwel village at the fort base there is a shrine of the wife of the cavalry head Khandoji Jhende.

Balkrishna Malusare, the 11th generation of Tanaji Malusare; Kondaji Shelar, the descendants of Shelar Mama; Kanhoba Malwe, the descendants of Vithoji Malwe and many others reside on the fort. Balkrishna Malusare has the possession of Tanaji Malusareís sword, Shivaji Maharajís necklace which is made of sea shells. Only 5 of these kind are in Maharashtra and they are kept in the Royal palace of Satara, Bhavani temple on Pratapgad fort, Mahalakshmi temple of Kolhapur, Bhavani temple of Tuljapur. In the festival which falls in the Hindu calendar month of Maagh and during Dusshera festival, the fort residents display the weapons and ancient treasures of the ancestors.
Ways To Reach :
      १) Reach Chandgad directly from Kolhapur or via Belgaum. S.T. buses are available from Chandgad to reach Isapur from where one can go to Pargad. Direct buses are available from Chandgad too which drop off at the base of Pargad.

२) With oneís own vehicle one can reach Motanwadi via Belgaum-Shinoli-Patane. Pargad is about 45 minutes from here. Parking is available at the fort base.
Accommodation Facility :
      Available on the fort
Food Facility :
      Not available
Drinking Water Facility :
      The well and pond on the fort has potable water.
Notes :
      2 to 3 hours to visit entire fort.

Following residents on the fort can be contacted for more information on the fort:-

1. Mr. Balkrushna Malusare, Living at Angol, Belgaum. TEL: 08312481377
2. Mr. Kanhoji Malwe, Living at Mumbai. TEL: 9821242430
3. Mr. Dinanath Shinde
4. Mr. Arjun Tambe
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