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Durg FortHeight : 3900
Type : Hill forts Fort Range : Bhimashankar
District : Pune Grade : Medium
      In the mountain ranges of Naneghat and Jivdhan, lies the forts of Durg and Dhakoba. To the south of Naneghat and Jivdhan is Dhakoba, while Durg stands behind it. Both these forts are situated in quite a deserted area. There are few villages, but here the socio-economic condition is so bad that people strive hard to meet just the basic needs There primary subsistence occupation is farming.
Fascinating Spots :
      There are no prominent structures on the fort. We can just imagine that it was used as a military base.
Ways To Reach :

You can reach Aamboli village by bus in one and a half hour from Junnar. Here you get the first glimpses of Dhakoba. A way from the village takes you to a plateau on the fort. On the way there are 3 caves. You need one and half hour to reach this plateau. On the plateau one can find many footways, but only two are prominently used. Way to the right takes you to Dhakoba and as you descend further downwards, this way takes you to Durg. The descending way travels through the forest. Further as you move ahead, you will come across a stream. After a walk for an hour, you can see the fort Durg from the plateau. From here a way towards left takes you to Durg, while a way towards right takes you to the Durga temple.
Accommodation Facility :
      There is no accommodation facility on both the forts. But 15 people can easily accommodate themselves in the temple at the foothills of Dhakoba. Similarly around 5 people can stay in Durga temple.
Drinking Water Facility :
      Water ponds are situated right besides both the temples near Dhakoba and Durg which can be used for drinking.