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Kotkamate FortHeight : 0
Type : Land Forts Fort Range : Nil
District : Sindhudurg Grade : Easy
      This land fort is located between the forts of Devgad and Sadanandgad. It stands in a dilapidated condition.
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History :
      This fort was built during the regime of Kanhoji Angre. According to a scripture, Kanhoji Angre prayed to the local Goddess Bhagwati that if he wins the battle then he would gift the village and build a large temple for her. Accordingly, Kanhoji Angre did so. A scripture preserved in the temple stands proof for this. The inscription on the scripture reads as follows:

‘‘श्री भगवती ।।श्री।।
मछक षोडश शत: सत्पचत्वारिंशत माधिक संबंछर विश्वात सुनामा ।।
सुभे तं स्थिच छरे आंगरे कान्होजी सरखेल
श्रीमत्कामश देवा देवालय मकरोदिती जाना तु जनो भविष्य माण: ।।१।।

Apart from this, Kanhoji Angre also gifted the villages of Saalshi, Aachra, Kamte and Kinjvade to the temple authority.
Fascinating Spots :
      This fort is located on the Devgad-Malvan route. There are hardly any remains of the fort. A bastion can be seen in a dilapidated condition on the way from Naringre village towards Kotkamate village

There are 3 canons buried upside down outside the Bhagwati Devi temple. The scripture is kept in the hall of the temple with Kanhoji Angre’s name in it. The idol of Goddess Bhagwati holding a sword in her right hand is of black rock and two elephants are carved above it showering flowers. The main pillars of the temple are wooden and it is believed that one of it is made of Holy Basil wood. There two ancient idols in the temple premises named as Rameshwar and Pavnai. There is a Rameshwar temple behind which also has an ancient idol in it. There is also a two storey ancient mansion nearby.
Ways To Reach :
      1) 30 kms from Malvan on the Malvan-Devgad road is Naringre village from where a road to the right takes us to Kotkamate village which is 5 kms.

2) One can also reach Kotkamate village by following the route of Devgad-Jamsande-Talebazar-Titha (Approx distance 20 kms).
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