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Padmadurg ( Kasa Killa) FortHeight : 0
Type : Hill forts Fort Range : Nil
District : Raigad Grade : Medium
       A chain of Padmagad, Rajkot, Sarjekot forts were built by Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj to protect Sindhudurg fort. Padmagad fort is located between Sindhudurg fort and the coast of Malvan. Before the Tsunami of 2006, the fort was accessible on foot from Moryacha Dhonda. Fore sighting the potential threat of attack from this route, Shivaji Maharaj built Padmadurg on the rock which was between Sindhudurg and Malvan coast.
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Padmadurg ( Kasa Killa)
Fascinating Spots :

       The small entrance door of Padmadurg facing the entrance of Sindhudurg fort is still in good condition but the bastions and fortification wall are in a bad condition. There is a dried up well and a temple of the local deity of the fishermen community Lord Vetaleshwar on the fort and its flags are mounted on the bastion opposite to it. The rocks adjoining the fort have been cut in a specific manner to dock ships and it can viewed from the fortified wall.
Ways To Reach :
       Ferry boats are not easily available from Dandgeshwar temple which is on the Malvan coast. This fort can be viewd by the help of binoculars while going to Sindhudurg fort by sea. Padmagad fort can also be viewed from the bastion on Sindhudurg which has the palm impression of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.
Accommodation Facility :
      Available in Malvan
Food Facility :
      Available in Malvan
Drinking Water Facility :
      Available in Malvan
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