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Premgiri FortHeight : 2657
Type : Hill forts Fort Range : Chankapur
District : Nashik Grade : Medium
      Premgiri fort is on the back side of Eklahare village which is about 5 kms from Kalwan, the taluka village in Nashik district. The small watch tower forts of Pimpla, Bhilai, Premgiri are located on the Chankapur mountain range and fall on the route towards the bigger forts of Salher, Salota, Mulher which fall in the Selabari Dolabari mountain range. There is a well-known Lord Hanuman temple on the fort and is frequently visited by villagers, thus, the path is well paved.
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Fascinating Spots :

      After we cross the village a path to the left leads to the fort. A 5 minutes trail from here we reach a water tank. The route from here goes through a steep climb with an excessive slippery surface and a 20 ft rock patch in the end. The other route leading to the fort is well paved. This path leads us up to the ridge of the mountain. After the ridge the trail continues and to its last patch there are rock cut steps. The summit of the mountain is wide spread. There are water tanks along with lord Hanuman temple on the fort. It takes about 30 minutes to visit the entire fort.
Ways To Reach :
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Time To Reach :
      1 hour from base
Best Season To Visit :
      July to March
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