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Bhupalgad (Banurgad) FortHeight : 2982 ft
Type : Hill forts Fort Range : N/A
District : Sangli Grade : Easy
      Bhupalgad is situated in Khanapur taluka of Sangli district. Banur is the base village and hence,the fort is also known as Banurgad. This Fort has a huge circumference. There are approximately 700 feet tall cliffs on east and north side of the fort. However, on the west side the fort is not very tall. Banur Village which is a part of the fort is located on the west side. It is also possible to reach the Fort by road.
History :
      Bhupalgad was located at the border of Hindavi Swarajya during Shivaji era. The historical documents indicate that Firangoji Narsala was a castellan of the fort. Sambhaji Maharaj joined Mughals in 1679. The Mughal Courtian, Dilerkhan, along with Sambhaji Maharaj went to capture Bhupalgad.

Considering Sambhaji to be the Prince of Hindavi Swarajya, Firangoji did not fight against him and fled to Panhalgad to join Shivaji Maharaj. After the fort was captured, Dilerkhan ordered to ampute the hands and legs of the Maratha soldiers on the fort. This incident distressed Sambhaji who after clever intervention from Shivaji Maharaj returned back to Hindavi Swarajya.
Fascinating Spots :
      There is a Mahadev temple on the small hill of the fort. There is also a Tomb of Bahirji Naik. Bahirji Naik was the prominent spy of Hinadavi Swarajya. He was also the Head of Espionage (spy) department of Swarajya. There is a small water cistern near the hill. There is also a big water tank on the South side of the fort. There are 2-3 secret doors at the fortification wall of the fort. Broken fortification remains can be seen everywhere on fort.
Ways To Reach :
      One can reach Karad by road and by rail. From Karad one has to to reach Vita via Karad-Vita road(Approximately 42 km).

From Vita reach taluka city Khanapur (approximately 22 km). From Khanapur reach Palashi (approximately 12 km). Take Banur road near Palashi and reach Banur (approximately 4 km). Vehicles can go upto Mahadev temple.
Accommodation Facility :
Food Facility :
Drinking Water Facility :
      The Cisterns have potable water and is available throughout the year.