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Sidhhagad FortHeight : 3250
Type : Hill forts Fort Range : Bhimashankar
District : Thane Grade : Hard
      In the ancient times, the goods arriving at the creek port of Kalyan were used to be transported to the high plateau regions of Junnar which was a prominent market place. One of the trade routes was Kalyan-Mhasa-Ahupe Ghat-Junnar. At Mhasa the route coming from Karjat area joins the route originating from Kalyan. To keep a close watch on these routes and Ahupe ghat, forts like Macchindragad, Gorakhgad and Siddhagad were built. As Siddhagad fort has now become a part of Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary it has become difficult to visit as it is under scrutiny from the forest authorities. The villages falling under this zone might be relocated elsewhere which would eventually cut all human intervention.
Fascinating Spots :
      The route coming from Narivli village takes us to the entrance of the fort. On the fort summit there is village called Siddhagadwadi. There is a temple here and one can find old scriptures and historic stones (hero stones). Behind the temple there is a canon and its canon balls can be found on the ground. From the fort summit a path leads to the citadel of the fort and enroute we can find 2 rock cut caves. The path from the second cave which leads to the citadel is very narrow and tough. On the top there is a bastion and a water tank. It is recommended to have a local villager accompanied as a guide to visit the fort.
Ways To Reach :
      1) Via Jamburde-
Reach Murbad from Kalyan by a State Transport bus. From Murbad we can take a bus or a private jeep taxi to reach Mhasa village. Kalyan to Mhasa is 42 kms distance. From Mhasa, Jamburde village is at 5 kms which can be reached via local transport. There is a dam in the village and further to it there is a check post of forest office. An unpaved road from here leads us to a small settlement of 5 to 8 houses. Where these houses end, there is a well and to the left ahead of this well the path leads to Siddhagad fort. As this path passes through the Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary, prior permission is required. This route is comparatively easy and takes less time and it takes us to the opposite side of the fort entrance on Siddhagadwadi village.

2) Via Narivli-

Narivli is 6 kms from Jamburde and the second route to the fort is from here. While crossing the fields from the outskirts of the village there is a bridge across a river. This bridge has to be crossed from where the path to the fort starts. While going from this route we can see Gorakhgad, Macchindragad and Aitoba temple. This route takes us to the fort via the old entrance in Siddhagadwadi.

Accommodation Facility :
      10-15 people can stay in the temple of Siddhagadwadi.
Food Facility :
      Food can be arranged at Siddhagadwadi village.
Drinking Water Facility :
      Available on the fort.
Best Season To Visit :
      All round the year
Notes :
      Jamburde to Siddhagadwadi 3 hours
Nariwli to Siddhagadwadi 4 hours