A wonderful experience 

Trekking- A wonderful experience for one who is interested to see beauty of nature and its miracles. In day-to-day life we often read about wonders of nature through books, magazines etc, but in fact we are unaware of mysterious nature. Trekking is a way by which it can be experienced, obviously it will be beneficial for us, because knowingly we destroy nature's beautiful places by throwing garbage here and there .We have to obey some rules to keep nature clean, that are learnt by trekking.

               I have experienced such trekÖ that was my first trek, through which first time I could communicate with nature.  I was with my group including great trekkers as Kiran, Amey.  We had gone on the fort of "Peth" nearer to "Karjat" station. We got a train at 5.41 a.m. from Dombivili which arrived at Karjat around 6.45 a.m. From Karjat we came to Ambivili village by an auto, actually from this village real trekking starts. We started our trekking with great enthusiasm gossiping and chitchatting. I didnít understand when we reached at the topmost part of fort. The way was full of grass and varieties of stones. We experienced many adventurous short cuts. Continuously for  one and half hour we were climbing up. We climbed up at such a  height  that we could see we whole village. Everything was looking fresh and pretty. All tensions were going away. Touch of cool air flowing gave me courage. We took around to fort during which we experienced the thrill on walking narrow ways and enjoyed beautiful scene of varieties of plants and attractive flowers. At each and every moment I was very close to nature. At some places plastic bottles and papers were thrown, our group have fixed a board that gives message,

    "Save nature and your future."

We started to climb down around 3.30 pm. and completed within one hour. we  came to station ,caught a train at 6.30 pm. and came to Dombivli around 8.30pm.

Thus a one-day trek gave me great courage, to do some more treks.I thank to my 'great group' forgiving me beautiful eyesight to look at nature.                                                                                                                                                                                   Supriya Bhole