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Bandra Fort FortHeight : 0 ft from MSL
Type : Coastal Forts Fort Range : None
District : Mumbai Grade : Easy
      Mumbai is made up of 7 islands, and was separated from main land due to Mahim creek. This was an important trade route, and the Mahim fort was built to safeguard it. The Portuguese built Bandra fort near today’s Bandra reclamation (formerly a part of Sashti or Salsette island) to make this region more safe.
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Bandra Fort
Fascinating Spots :

      This fort is conserved to some extent by the Archeology department, and has a garden inside created by “Bandra Land & Garden Society”. The main entrance has a stone inscription in Portuguese. From the second entrance there are stairs to climb up. The fort has no other remnants.
Ways To Reach :
      We have to go to Band Stand at Bandra from Bandra station. From there, the fort lies ahead “Taj Land End” hotel.
Time To Reach :
      10 min walking from Bandstand
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