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Padmgad (Malvan) FortHeight : 0 ft from MSL
Type : Coastal Forts Fort Range : None
District : Sindhudurga Grade : Easy
      Shivaji Maharaj built Padmgad, Rajkot and Sarjekot to protect Sindhudurga. Padmgad stands between Malvan sea shore and Sindhudurga on a rock, in order to avoid attacks on this way. This rock was carved out to build dock for building and repairing ships. Before Tsunami it was possible to walk to this fort during low tide.
Fascinating Spots :

      The main entrance of the fort is intact and faces Sindhudurga. The ramparts and bastions are destroyed. There is a dry well in and a temple of “Vetal” in the fort. The local people have hoisted flags on the bastion in front of the temple. The surrounding rock was smartly modified by Maratha architects to build a dock here.
Ways To Reach :
      We have to convince the boatmen near Dandgeshwar temple in Malvan to reach the fort. Else we just get a glance of the fort while going to Sindhudurga or from a bastion on Sindhudurga where hand and foot prints of Shivaji Maharaj are kept.
Accommodation Facility :
      In Malvan
Food Facility :
      In Malvan
Drinking Water Facility :
      In Malvan
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