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Mirgad(Songir) FortHeight : 1862 feet
Type : Hill forts Fort Range : Raigad
District : Raigad Grade : Medium
      Set in one of the very idyllic locations for cross country trek, Mirgad possess a very unique setting. This place is also called as Mirya Dongar.
Looking mostly like a surveillance tower this fort has a very little historical mention.
Fascinating Spots :
      Though the fort is not having any structure on it, the environs of the fort present a magnificent view. Also don't miss the Bauxite mines which lie en route to Mirgad via Sapoli.
Vageshwar Temple - :
      This temple of Lord Shiva is estimated to be more than 400 years back. Having many beautiful but largely ruined sculptures this temple also houses a tomb. A nice waterfall near this temple is surely an add-on to the surrounding of this temple.
Ways To Reach :
      The following are the ways one can take to reach the fort.
1) Pen - Sapoli - Panchgani - Mirgad :
       This route is longest among the listed routes and requires 5-6 hours to reach Mirgad.
2) Pen - Chawdi naka - Mirgad :
       This route as per the information given by local villagers takes around 2 -3 hours.
3) Pen - Sapoli - Vageshwar Temple - Mirgad :
       Till Vageshwar one can avail road transport service. Though no regular services are available till the temple, one can take private vehicle till the temple. From temple Mirgad rests at a space of one hour.
Accommodation Facility :
      There is no accommodation facility on the fort. But one can surely make a stay at Panchgani village (20 min prior to the fort) or at Vageshwar temple.
Food Facility :
      One can make own arrangement or can ask villagers at Panchgani.There are no hotels near the fort.
Drinking Water Facility :
      Here one should know that even though there is water tank on the fort, the available water is some times not potable. It's advisable to carry water from Panchgani Village.