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Subhan Mangal FortHeight : 0
Type : Land Forts Fort Range : Nil
District : Pune Grade : Easy
      This small land fort stood witness to the first battle of Swaraaj. Its condition is now is a real pity. Its located on the banks of Neera river on the Pune-Satara-Banglore highway.
History :
      On 25th July 1648, Shahaji Maharaj was captured by Mustafa Khan, the general of Adilshah. Later Adilshah ordered Fateh Khan to defeat Shivaji Maharaj. Those days, the Maratha empire being of a small size and spread, Shivaji Maharaj decided to fight the battle in a way which wont render much loss to the empire and thus he decided to fight the battle on the borders of the kingdom. Shivaji maharaj had laid out his battle plan in and around Purandar fort area.

As Shivaji Maharaj was on Purandar, Fateh Khan set his cantonment in Belsar village near Purandar fort while he sent Balaji Haibatrao to capture the fort near Shirval i.e. Subhan Mangal. Having a smaller army, Shivaji Maharaj decided to give away the fort without much hassle thus avoiding major loss to his army. The capturing of Subhan Mangal in an easy and unexpected way led Fateh Khan go easy with its protection and security. The very next dawn, Shivaji Maharajís general Kavji Malhar Khasnis attacked the fort. Fateh khanís army was took into a surprise as Kavji Malhar Khasnisís army broke into the fort wall and invaded them. Thus, the fort was once again into the Maratha Kingdom.

Fascinating Spots :

      This fort which is spread over south-north direction has only one bastion left intact with a saffron flag hoisted on it. There is a temple of Goddess Durga facing eastwards. Prior to entering the temple one can see tow Veerghals on the left. There is a small pathway on the fort top which gives a nice views of Neera river. Majority of the area on the fort has been covered by dense bushes.

Shirval has many temples viz; Kedareshwar, Ambika, Bhairavnath, Mandaidevi & Rameshwar.
Ways To Reach :
      Regular buses ply from Puneís Swargate bus stand to Karad. One has to get down at Shirval. Start walking towards Pune for about 1 km and you will come across Kedareshwar temple to the left and Shirval Raja temple to the right. Proceed towards Bramhan lane which takes further to the fort passing by the main market area. There is Pragati Girls school opposite the fort.
Food Facility :
Drinking Water Facility :
Notes :
      If travelling by oneís own vehicle one can also visit Pandav caves near Pandavdara which is 5 kms to the northwest of Shirval. Also, 10 kms to the east of Shirval is Veer dam on the Bhor-Pandharpur road. Nasrapur, Narayanpur, Prati Balaji temple are also nearby.
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