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Suvarnadurg FortHeight : N/A
Type : Sea forts Fort Range : Nil
District : Ratnagiri Grade : Medium
      Harnai is a well known port city since the ancient times and a chain of forts had been built in different kingdoms for its protection of which Suvarnadurga is the main fort. Other forts like Kanakdurga, Gova fort, Fattegad were built primarily as look out forts for the security of Suvarnadurg fort. In 1688, when Mughal general Siddi Kasim laid a siege to the fort, Achaloji Mohite who was in charge of the fort joined hands with the Mughals against Marathas. This incident annoyed the 20 year old Kanhoji Angre, who later with the help of others in the Maratha army arrested Achaloji Mohite and attacked the Mughal army stationed outside the fort. However, the attack didn’t succeed and Kanhoji Angre along with others were captured and imprisoned by the Mughals. Later, Kanhoji Angre with great courage managed to escape and swam his way to Suvarnadurga fort. This act of bravery inspired others from the Maratha army who fought the fort till monsoon which eventually made Siddi Kasim flee. This heroic deed of Kanhoji Angre had him appoint as the main charge of the fort and was well known as “Samudratla Shivaji” which means “Shivaji of the Seas”. He was appointed as Admiral of the Maratha Naval Fleet in 1698.
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History :
      This fort which was built during the Shilahar dynasty was captured by Shivaji Maharaj in 1660 by defeating Ali Adil Shah. Shivaji Maharaj later rebuilt and strengthened the fort. The hidden entrance of the fort is one of its features. During the reign of Rajaram Maharaj, Kanhoji Angre put an end to the dishonesty of the castellan. Subsequent to Kanhoji's demise, Tulaji Angre took charge of Suvarnadurg and it became the seat of his power. However, he fell foul of the Peshwas. In the war with Tulaji Angre, Peshwas were supported by the British. In 1802, Bajirav Peshwa under attack by Yashwantrao Holkar was trying to take refuge in this fort but had to flee to Vasai as he was chased to the fort by the Holkars.

In November 1818, Colonel Kennedy, Captain Chappel and Lieutenant Dominiset attacked and captured the fort with the help of 50 soldiers and 30 seafarers.
Fascinating Spots :

      The construction of the door is of Gomukhi type. This door is well protected since it is hidden in between two huge bastions. The door is on the east direction facing north. At the main entry, carvings of Lord Hanuman on the wall and a carved turtle on one of the leading steps can be seen. 15 bastions of the fort provide a strong structure to the fort and are still intact. There are several potable water sources (tanks, ponds and wells) in the fort; however, these dry up in the summer months. Moving towards left from the main entry gate there is a well which has plenty of water. Further from here are two granaries and a decrepit building. The fort tapers towards the southwest direction from where Kanakadurga, Fattegad and Gova fort are clearly visible. There is a hidden doorway (Chor darwaja) and a pond to store rain water on the west. Towards the northwest side there are remnants of a building, an ammunition storage facility and a water tank. Suvarnadurg fort is located on a rocky island in the Arabian Sea and the rocks on the edge have been flattened to build the fort on the elevated rocks. Some old cannons are seen opposite the main entry gate of the fort.
Ways To Reach :
      From Mumbai one can reach Murud Harne which is 15 kms via Dapoli. The only approach to the fort is by boats, from Harnai. Boats have to be arranged through the local fishermen. The nearest railway station on the Konkan Railway of the Indian Railways is at Khed.
Accommodation Facility :
      Nil. Available in Harne village.
Food Facility :
      Nil. Available in Harne village.
Drinking Water Facility :
      Nil. One has to carry enough water.
Notes :
      1) Being in Murud, forts of Harne, Suvarnadurga, Gova fort, Kanakdurga and Fattegad can be visited in a single day.

2) Information on Fattegad, Kanakdurga and Gova fort is available on our website.
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