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Vilasgad (Mallikarjun) FortHeight : 3060
Type : Hill forts Fort Range : Mallikarjun
District : Sangli Grade : Medium
      Vilasgad fort is near Yede Nipani village in Sangli district. But this fort is known by the name of Mallikarjun in the nearby region as there is a temple of Lord Mallikarjun on the fort.

The stretch of the fort is huge and a vast expanse of nearby region is visible from the fort. But there are not any major structures visible on the fort thus the main purpose of the fort must have been for watch keeping purpose.

Vilasgad is about 343 kms from Mumbai. Even though it is in Sangli district, it is hardly 38 kms from Kolhapur. Along with Vilasgad, Macchindragad and Bahadurwadi Gadhi can be visited in a single day.
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Vilasgad (Mallikarjun)
Fascinating Spots :

      Proper concrete steps and a tar road is built till the fort base. In about 30 minutes by taking the steps we reach at the Mallikarjun temple. Just before the temple there is a structure which has two arches. The temple has a fortified wall and an entrance door. After entering there can be seen two lamp posts at the right and a storage area next to it. Opposite the lamp posts there is temple of Lord Bhairavnath and chamber next to it. Inside the chamber we can see a cave converted into a store room and stands on two pillars. Next to the chamber there is a temple of Lord Mallikarjun which is built in a cave and supported by 5 pillars. After we exit the temple, in the ground floor of the chamber there is a Nandi idol and carvings of flowers can be seen on roof. There are stairs outside to access the chamber.

After visiting the temple take the left exit. Here we can find a limestone churner and its wheel has been buried in ground. Near to this there are steps which go up to the summit in 5 minutes. As we come to the summit there is a shade and under it are idols of Vitthal-Rukmini. Besides this shade, there is an ancient temple of Lord Krishna on a platform and is in a dilapidated. The crown of the temple is built in bricks. There aren’t any idols inside the temple. We can see two shrines opposite the temple and there is a small room below one of the shrines. In front of the shrines there is a shrine of Hazrat Chaand Bukhari. The sevaks or servers of this shrine belong to the Jadhav family since last seven generations. The two shrines opposite here belong to the members of the Jadhav family as it is being said.

Every year on the holy day of Mahashivratri there is a festival here. Ahead of the shrine there is a 12X10 ft rock structure with two arched doors on its two sides. Next to the structure there is a pond which was used for horses. Further to the pond there is eastern edge of the fort from where the route descends to the ridge. After this, head back towards the Krishna temple. There is a path which leads to the western edge of the fort. 5 minutes trail on this path takes us near a large water pipe and the route descends after this. There is a small temple structure here towards which we have to descend, and we come across rock cut steps first and then the temple structure. There is Shiv Linga inside here and opposite to it is a rock cut water tank with steps in it. To the east from the top, we can see Macchindragad fort.
Ways To Reach :
      To reach Vilasgad following route on Mumbai-Kolhapur highway can be taken: Peth naka – Kameri village – Yedenipani. After Yedenipani the hill of Mallikarjun stands at 4 kms. Proper steps are built for its access.
Accommodation Facility :
      The temple on the fort can accommodate up to 25 people.
Food Facility :
Drinking Water Facility :
      Available on the fort.
Time To Reach :
      45 mins from base
Best Season To Visit :
      All round the year
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