Dear Friend,

It is the day that we all deserve,
For the wickedness by which we torture,
And don't take one small step to preserve,
Our dear and marvelous Mother Nature. 

The nature we see today,
May not be what we see tomorrow,
For Mother Nature's future is grey,
And well it'll surely be our sorrow!

Have you ever counted the sins we bring upon ourselves,
For our selfish momentary and monetary profits?
The sorrow, anguish and misery on our mother's face tells,
For God's Sakes, stop it!

So I plead to you , my dear friend,
Take our Mother Earth's great care,
And as soon as our dirty ways we'll mend,
She'll definitely give us back her love's due share!

                                 Nature in Indian sub-continent is replete with different kinds of plants and animals. Since the dawn of history, flora and fauna in this area has been given due attention. Everyone finds India to be a perfect place for its natural beauty. The land of golden mountains, the land of spiritualism, the land of fascinating rivers and a lot more beyond our imagination. The conditions in India constitute uniqueness in sub-continent, which renders it distinct from any other place.

                                  In addition each Indian state comprises a natural reserve for the animals in its region & its culture. What’s so special about Maharashtra? Is it the Sahyadris or the Mumbai or Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj ! Yes friends, everything  and a great eventful history worth worshipping. The man who created this history was Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. He was the founder of  'Hindavi Swarajya' . For a stable empire, this great administrator believed in:


                                  This means that those who rule the forts, rule the empire. Sahyadri is just the perfect place for the forts. Shivaji Maharaj knew this fact & hence there are many forts in Maharashtra.  For thousands of years the forts have been the witness of the valour of great warriors & hence they deserve the respect from us. This is the reason why trekking is not only an adventure for Kshitiz group but it’s a gratitude towards these great people. Trekking enhances physical & mental toughness among us. Also it has a feeling of friendliness & unity amongst us & with the Mother Nature.

                                  We had been facing many a difficulties but we always long for our friends that they should not face these ones and should fully face their outing. Through this website we would like to bring to you all the info you need, at your click. So what are you waiting for? Go for & go for it at once.

                                   The present work, while firmly based on its previous database is wholly revised & reedited to meet new demands . A new design has greatly enhanced the appearance of the pages & will make site easier to surf. There are lot of major changes but one major change is that we are coming out with more than 75 forts in English as well as Marathi.