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Bhivagad FortHeight : 1446
Type : Hill forts Fort Range : Nil
District : Nagpur Grade : Medium
      Bhivagad fort is at present known by the name of Bhimsen Kuwara which is a well-known worship place in the Pench National Park. The fort is surrounded by the waters of Pench dam from three sides.
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Fascinating Spots :

      One can reach the base of the fort by any vehicle. Bhimsen Kuwara’s temple is located near the parking lot adjoining the lake. According to folklore, Bhimsen reached this place from the fort in three steps. The next step was kept near the square shaped well ahead of the temple. From here we have to cross a stream to reach the fort. Near this stream Bhimsen placed his first step. As we move ahead from the stream, the path moves ahead in zig zag and circular ways to the hill of the fort. From here a steep ascend starts and we reach the bastion in 15 minutes. This bastion is built by just placing rocks upon each other and all the bastions are in square shape. The fort summit is reached in 5 minutes from this spot. There is a vermillion covered rock at this place which is named Bhimsen Kuwara. There is also a Shiv Ling over here and to the left there are remains of a bastion. From the temple as we move ahead to the right we come across a small pot hole which used to have water throughout the year but it now dried up. Descending a bit from here and proceeding on the unpaved path there are bastions and fortified wall parallel to the other side of this path. After descending 1/4th part of the fort there is a doorway on the route to the Queen’s quarters. Below the fort is the Queen’s quarters and the doorway was used in ancient times as the main entrance of the fort. The Queen’s quarters are now under the dam waters and one has to access it via a boat which can be available from the parking lot.
Ways To Reach :
      46 kms from Nagpur
Accommodation Facility :
      Available at the temple at the fort base.
Food Facility :
      Not available
Drinking Water Facility :
      Not available
Time To Reach :
      30 minutes from the base
Best Season To Visit :
      September to March
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