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Nanded Fort (Nadgiri) FortHeight : 1188
Type : Land Forts Fort Range : N/A
District : Nanded Grade : Medium
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Nanded Fort (Nadgiri)
Fascinating Spots :

      This fort had dual fortification wall and 24 bastions out of which 14 bastions were in the outer fortification wall and 10 bastions were in the inner fortification wall. Only 3 bastions and the fortification wall are visible from the outside while only 8 bastions are intake as of date. The municipal corporation of Nanded has built two water tanks here. Walking towards these water tanks we enter the fort premises and a sign board which gives information about the fort has been installed near these tanks. Moving ahead there is a pond which is 15 feet long, 12 feet wide and 1o feet deep and next to this pond there are remnants of some structures which were built recently. Proceeding further to the left from these remains there is a bastion on the river bank with a shelter mounted on it. The motive of this shelter must be to protect the people keeping vigilance from the rain and sun.

Ways To Reach :
      Nanded city is well connected with all the major cities through roads and railways and nearly every major town should have bus connectivity to this city. This fort stands in the Arab lane of Nanded and is seasily accessible with any type of transport. Nandigram and Devgiri express trains from Mumbai are available to reach Nanded.
Accommodation Facility :
      Available in Nanded
Food Facility :
      Available in Nanded
Drinking Water Facility :
      Potable water is not available
Best Season To Visit :
      Throughout the year
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 Nanded Fort (Nadgiri)