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Mandangad FortHeight : 656 ft from MSL
Type : Hill forts Fort Range : Konkan
District : Ratnagiri Grade : Medium
      Mandangad and Bankot were built to safeguard the trade route through Savitri River, which was an important trade route.
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History :
      It is said that Mandangad was built by King Bhoj. In 1661 it was under Jaswantrao Dalvi, an Adilshahi Sardar. He was the person who had besieged Vishalgad during Shivaji Maharaj’s daring escape from Panhalgad. When Shivaji Maharaj defeated Kartalabkhan and was marching towards Dabhol, Mandangad was on the way. Hearing this news, Jaswantrao ran away to Shringarpur and Shivaji Maharaj got it without a fight. It was with Angres and Siddis for some time. The British captured it in 1818.
Fascinating Spots :

      There are 2 summits for the mountain on which Mandangad is built. On the higher one there is a water tank. The fortification is seen on the lower and more flat part. The entrance is destroyed, but the bastions stand. The Ganesh temple here is reconstructed. We can see Savitri River, Raigad and Varandha pass on a clear day.
Ways To Reach :
      Mandangad is an important town in Raigad district. We have to via Ambet-Mhapral from a toll junction before Mahad. Dhangarwadi is the base village at 2 km from Mandangad city, till where we can go by vehicle. It takes 20 minutes to reach the top.
Accommodation Facility :
      In the Ganesh temple
Food Facility :
Drinking Water Facility :
Notes :
      Mandangad and Bankot can be seen in a day and one can stay in Velas, which is famous for its “Turtle Conservation Project”.
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