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Nani Daman Fort (St.Jerome Fort) FortHeight : 0
Type : Coastal Forts Fort Range : Nil
District : Daman Grade : Easy
      This fort is located on the Northern bank of Damanganga river. Nani Daman as the name suggests is the smaller fort when compared to Moti Daman. Portuguese built this fort in the 16th century and in 1961 it came under the province of Independent India. The other fort Moti Daman is on the Southern bank of the river.
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Nani Daman Fort (St.Jerome Fort)
Fascinating Spots :

      We enter the fort from the river side entrance. Scriptures and coat of arms are carved on the door. After entering the fort, get upon the platform to the right side and circumvent the entire fort. The bastions of the fort are in a shape of three arrows. The main entrance of the fort is on the east side. There are steps to descend from the platform to the door. Alongside this entrance there is a small doorway, besides which there is a school and a church. A flag post is installed on the bastion to the west.
Ways To Reach :
      Daman is 12 kms from Vapi which can be accessed through multiple odes of transport.
Accommodation Facility :
Food Facility :
Drinking Water Facility :
Best Season To Visit :
      July to March
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