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Vallabhgad(Hargapur) FortHeight : 1850
Type : Hill forts Fort Range : Nil
District : Belgaum Grade : Medium
      The arc of the main entrance is still in good condition. The doorway is small and built in Gomukhi style. There is a temple of Lord Hanuan after entering from the doorway. There is a temple of Goddess Margubai near the bastion of the fort and a lamp post opposite the temple. On the eastern side of the fort there is an ancient temple of Lord Siddheshwar and below this temple there is a large cave which has the Holy “Padukas”. It is said that a secret narrow way runs from this cave directly to Sankeshwar. Right in the middle of the fort there is a square shaped well and the entrance to this well is from the back side of the Hanuman temple. After descending 20/25 steps which are broad and huge there is an arc. There is another big well further from here. Water from this well is tapped on the entire fort. Major portion of the fortified wall is in ruins. To the northern side of the fort there is bastion which is built on the inside portion of the fortification wall which signifies that its main purpose was to keep an eye on the internal part of the fort. Even though the fort is small in size it has significant importance as the Fort of Shivaji Era built outside Maharashtra.
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Ways To Reach :
      3 kms before Sankeshwar on the Kolhapur-Belgaum highway there is a diversion for Vallabhgad from where the fort is visible. There are two routes from here which takes us to Hargapur village and then to the fort. 15 minutes from the village we can reach on the fort.
Accommodation Facility :
      Not available
Food Facility :
      Not available
Drinking Water Facility :
      Available at the houses during fort ascend.
Time To Reach :
      15 minutes to reach the fort and 1 hour to visit
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