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Project Sudhagad
Last chance of Fort Conservation

Maha Darwaza


 What is Project Sudhagad ?

Sudhagad is a beautiful fort located near the town of Pali (famous as one of the Ashtavinayaka locations). The fort was under the princely state of Bhor and hence was under maintenance till Indias independence. Due to this fact a lot of construction on the fort is intact. However, neglect over the past five decades has caused a lot of damage to the surviving fortifications.

Project Sudhagad is an activity taken up by Kshitiz group of Dombivli in order to prevent further deterioration of this valueless treasure.


 Why Sudhagad?

There are over 300 forts in this region. However, Sudhagad was chosen for the activity for the following main reasons

  1. Comparative ease of access from Mumbai and its suburbs
  2. A good amount of structure is intact. So there is scope to save a lot
  3. With abundant water and shelter a big group can stay overnight for the activity

 What is causing Sudhagads deterioration? 

As is the unfortunate case with most of our forts, following are the main reasons why Sudhagad is getting destroyed day by day:

  1. Growth of vegetation on fortifications Large trees have grown on the fortifications. The force exerted by their roots  is so enormous, that even huge stone bricks weighing hundreds of kgs are actually displaced from their location. This in turn causes gradual collapse of the structures.
  2. Effects of Rainwater The original structure has provisions for drainage of rainwater. However, these gutters and channels are blocked by soil and rocks, forcing the water to flow over the steps causing erosion
  3. Human Interference (graffiti, carelessness etc), which is unfortunately seen at all our archeological sites.


 What has been done so far under the Project?

-          Partial removal of small trees, shrubs and cactus from important fortifications

-          Start with removal of soil and rocks that are piled up in the Maha Darwaza

-          Removal of plastic garbage

-          Plantation


 What still could be done?

Sudhagad is a fort with a large area on top and has many interesting structures. What Kshitiz started in June 2004 is just the beginning. A lot can be done to bring Sudhagad as close to its past glory as possible. However, need of the day is to prevent its destruction.

Though a Herculean task, it can be accomplished with the help of right resources and more importantly, our will !

A beautiful archeological site closely related to our recent history will soon be destroyed, if not saved in time. And to do that we need


YOU !!


Be part of the team for conservation of Sudhagad.